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    Faith Formation / Sermon series

Faith Formation

We are on the lifelong journey of being shaped into the image of Christ. This is not something we just do on our own, but we also do it as a church community—the body of Christ.

In our worship services we try to place our story in God’s story. So the Bible is central to our gathering time. We read from it. We sing it. We preach it. We pray it. And then we are sent to live it.

For our sermons, Pastor Andrew tries to build continuity by spending time—either a few weeks or a few months—going through a book of the Bible or tracing a certain theme.

Sermon Series

Spiritual Gifts: grace to you
Sermon Series – Sundays from May 27 – June 24 @ 10:30am

Beyond Sunday mornings…

We invite everyone to stay after Sunday worship for coffee, juice and some snacks. But on the first Sunday of the month we do not have refreshments after the service with the goal of encouraging people to invite each other to their own homes for coffee and lunch as a way of building community.

Once or twice a year we organize 3-5 week small group sessions that accompany the sermon series, or do a monthly Sunday evening study session. Keep an eye out for other special events and discipleship by checking the website or the event calendar.